An unplugged mountain bike experience

11-16 August 2024


Cape Country Unplugged (CCU) is a laid-back, untimed, 6-day, 500km Mountainbike Tour.  It starts from Beaumont Family Wines in Bot River and finishes in Wilderness.  The CCU offers full en route support and includes 3-4 star accommodation, 3 meals a day, luggage transport, medical support and well stocked waterpoints. Also included is free beer and wine, as well as regular slide shows by professional photographers. Bikewash and massages are available at extra cost.

The Tour is suitable for mountain-, gravel- and e-bikes.  The route mainly follows quiet, lesser known gravel and farm backroads.

The Tour provides for a Full distance as well as a Light option.

The average daily distance for the Cape Country Full is +/-85km with approximately 1100m of climbing.

The Cape Country Lite option makes provision for transport of riders to the first waterpoint of stages 2,3,5 and 6.  The average daily distance of the Lite version is +/-65km.

Entries are limited for both the Full and Lite events.

Cape Country Full

This is the original route as is loved by our regulars.

Cape Country Lite

Our new route provides transport to the first waterpoint each day to reduce the daily distance a rider has to cycle.

Happy Riders


Not just a bike ride but spiritual journey often alone on wide open roads with awesome views and the only sounds being your breath and the birds. A life changing experience, all made possible by the care and special attention given to you by organisers who will feel like family afterwards. If you enter expect your life to never be the same again!

Happy Riders


Wonderful organization – and the water points and An-Lie’s homemade treats are fantastic – a shot of Old Brown hits the spot after a cool morning’s start. Definitely an event to add to your winter calendar. This event has us returning year after year, we feel we have become part of the Unplugged family! Thank you Cape Country.

Happy Riders


A fantastic multi-stage off-road event taking in some stunning routes, not all of which can be ridden by the public. The best 5 days on a mountain bike in the company of like-minded people, riding for the joy of it. This event both touches and gives back to the communities it passes through and sometimes emotions can’t be contained.